Board of Directors

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Vivek Jain
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jain joined the Company in February 2014 as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Chairman of the Board
George A. Lopez, M.D.

Dr. Lopez, has held various offices and served as a director of the Company since its founding in 1984 with some interruptions in service. He is the founder of the Company and served as Chairman of the Board, President and CEO from 1989 to 2013. Dr. Lopez's contributions to the Board include his knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the Company, particularly in the areas of research, product development and manufacturing processes. His extensive experience with the Company and industry knowledge provides an invaluable insight to the Board on issues involving the Company and its goals.

Joseph R. Saucedo
Chairman and President of Bolsa Resources, Inc., a business management consulting firm that provides both management consulting and financial accounting function support to manufacturing companies

Mr. Saucedo, was elected to the Board of Directors in 2001 and serves as Chair of the Audit Committee and is a member of the Compensation Committee. He has a Masters in Business Administration. Mr. Saucedo's 30 years of financial and accounting experience include serving as President and CEO of a financial institution where he was responsible for overseeing the performance of the company, as an auditor for a major auditing firm, and currently, the review, analysis and evaluation of clients' financial statements and financial consulting to manufacturing concerns. The Board has determined that Mr. Saucedo is an "audit committee financial expert" and is "independent," as those terms are defined by applicable Nasdaq Listing Rules and SEC regulations.

Independent Director
Robert S. Swinney, M.D.
Intensive Care Unit Physician Specialist and member of the faculty of the LAC-USC Medical Center

Dr. Swinney, has been a director since 1998 and previously served as a director from 1989 to October 1995. He is a member of the Compensation Committee and the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee. Dr. Swinney has more than 30 years experience as a critical care physician in a large, public teaching hospital, where he has formerly served as the critical care unit director and Chair of the ICU Committee. Dr. Swinney also has as experience in private primary care practice and emergency medicine. He holds two patents for medical products and, in his daily work, is frequently called upon to examine and evaluate new medical products. Additionally, the Board benefits from Dr. Swinney's work with patents, which has provided him with a high level of technical expertise and as well as his ongoing work, which has ensured that he is at the forefront of new developments in medical technology.

Independent Director
David C. Greenberg
Executive Vice President of Strategy at Medline Industries, Inc.

Mr. Greenberg, has been Executive Vice President of Strategy for Medline Industries, Inc. since June 2008 and is a member of their Executive Board, advising top leadership on all aspects of the business. Mr. Greenberg is also responsible for Strategy, Business Development,  M&A and is a Group President overseeing Medline's distribution business, including several manufacturing and marketing divisions.

Independent Director
Elisha Finney
(Former) Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Varian Medical Systems

Elisha Finney served as Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Varian Medical Systems (“Varian”) for 29 years. Ms. Finney joined Varian in 1988 and assumed a wide variety of finance functions over her 29 years with the company. Ms. Finney also serves on the Board of Directors of iRobot Corporation and has served on the Board of Directors of Laserscope Inc., Thoratec Corporation, Altera Corporation, and Varex Imaging Corporation.

Independent Director
Douglas E. Giordano
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer Inc.

Mr. Giordano has been Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development at Pfizer Inc. Mr. Giordano is responsible for Pfizer’s mergers and acquisitions, licensing and partnering activities. Mr. Giordano has had a series of strategy, business development and operating roles at Pfizer.  He has been a key contributor to a variety of Pfizer transactions – including Pfizer’s acquisition and integration of Wyeth, Hospira, Medivation, and Anacor and the partnerships with Merck KGa, Eli Lilly, and BMS. Mr. Giordano also lead a variety of innovative US commercialization initiatives including the creation and launch of the Pfizer/Microsoft/IBM collaboration, Amicore, and the launch of the Pfizer for Living ShareCard and Pfizer Helpful Answers programs. Earlier in his Pfizer career Mr. Giordano worked in a mergers and acquisitions role within Pfizer’s Medical Technology Group – playing a key role in Pfizer’s acquisitions, technology licensing, and divestiture activity within medtech.